A leader in every child-with talents and character

Nurturing leaders through a distinctive education in learning and character development

Mrs A M Kotwal founded Kotwal School 1952. Trained directly under Dr. Maria Montessori, she believed that the Montessori Method was the most effective way of educating children in their formative years. During her journey of educating she discovered the Reggio Emilia which helped her decipher her own productive capsule.

Reggio Emillo and Dr Maria Montessori both belonged to Italy and were of the same era though diametrically opposite in their approach. The Kotwal approach is an amalgamation of two time-tested and new era academic constellations which is a combination of the 3Rs (reading, writing, and Arithmetic) and web-based education. Our hybrid program addresses the new generation of hyper-dynamic and multifaceted, hungry for challenges children.

Basic Tenet of Kotwal School
Amalgamating the best of yesteryear’s and the needs of today’s e-existence.

Goals of Kotwal School
Creating a difference in the early years learning educational environment. Shaping futures with an excellency in diversity.