We are true educators, our legacy encompasses Education, Expertise and Experience, providing par excellence service since 1952.

The entirety of our approach towards the child is developed and designed by persons with a wealth of experience. All our activities and learning process promote the development of social skills, emotional growth and physical coordination as well as cognitive preparation for future intellectual academic

Montessori & Reggio Emilio have been well exposed and experienced but our family designed and evolving hybrid methodology is a 64 years old program which has produced herculean results and ripened as:

  • Vice Provost for Institutional Research, John Hopkins University prior to which  she was the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs.Rice University
  • Associate Dean of Academic Programs, Colorado State University
  • Award winning Scholars for development of solar energy education and application, Auburn University
  • Several leading professors, doctors and bankers of Indian origin all over the word

This rich combination gives us the confidence that our progress is not to be measured but to see and our success stories are already etched in time.