Speech & Drama

Drama training has had many titles over the years and has been recognised by such titles as “Speech and Drama”, “Elocution”, “Acting class”, “Drama Workshops” “Stage schools” “Drama Studies”…….
The names and titles do not really matter – what matters is the enjoyment and education that each student should receive from the magic that is drama.
Our school is a vibrant and energetic place where students come to “switch off from the world”, forget about everyday pressures and enjoy themselves and not even realise they are learning and developing artistically, emotionally and psychologically.
Here at the Kotwal School we try and educate each student to the best of our abilities and know that if the time comes they will handle themselves in a professional and proficient manner, we hope that they will enjoy every class and that they will leave our school with positive happy memories.

We have a unique curriculum which will complement their formal studies
Listed below are some of the many benefits that will be attained through drama studies:

1. Members of our drama troupe are encouraged to express themselves, vocally, physically and emotionally with a degree of confidence and humility. When communicating with others we know that we will be proud that they represent us as a school and impress everyone they meet.

2. Members of our troupe are trained to speak clearly fluently and confidently, to process ideas and formulate responses.

3. To become confident, to accept others with different backgrounds and capabilities, to approach problems with an open mind.

4. Through plays, scripts and performances they will learn history of literature, about other cultures, other ways of life.

5. Students are praised for being creative, for thinking “outside of the box” in drama there is no such thing as a wrong answer – sometimes just a better one.

6. We encourage students to try understand first and then seek to be understood second.

7. To recognise the power of words and communication, and to use these tools to help them advance through life.

Our classes are devised with laughter in mind, we want our students to laugh and relax – we believe that familiarity breeds confidence and with confidence anything can be achieved.
We teach the Students how to conduct themselves both on and off the stage

We show students how work as part of a team, how to deal with “difficult people”, to except challenges and be proud of the learning experience, how to handle possible failure, how to learn from the experience, grow and move on.

Through drama training students learn to listen, both to themselves and to others.

Students are encouraged to work not only with those of different abilities, but with both sexes, both older and younger than themselves.
Drama helps students who may have emotional difficulties in understanding themselves and others to be able to gen